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Mediumship Session –

Connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, to bring through messages and healing, comfort, validation and upliftment.

Auragraph Reading –

This session is a Psychic reading, a soul-to-soul connection blended with aura reading, of where you are currently at on your journey.  Using the colors of your Aura and the symbols I receive, I create a drawing using soft pastels, known as Psychic Art.  I will review with you the information I received, and the drawing is for you to keep.  Please note that what is received during this session, can be completely different in another session, as we are always progressing and evolving.



Spirit Portrait –

In addition to connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, bringing through messages and healing, I have been gifted with the ability to create Spirit Art.  With Spirit guidance during reading, I can create a charcoal drawing of your departed loved ones.

Intuitive Guidance Session –

Using my intuitive and mediumship abilities to help you seek answers, guidance and reassurance about situations in your life.


Usui Reiki Session -

Is a simple, natural, and safe method, and can be used in conjunction with all medical and therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.  Reiki helps with the healing process by assisting you to release and clear energy from past experiences, and clearing energetic debris collected from your daily life. During the session, client fully clothed, lays on a massage table to relax or sleep while enjoying the session. There is only light body touch onto client. After each session, most experience feeling refreshed.

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