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I am a mother, a grandmother, and I have a fur-baby.  As a child, I did not have anyone to help me understand my experiences with the spirit world and nurture the gifts I was born with.  Since then, I have been fortunate to have had great teachers placed in my path along the way to help me recognize these gifts and guide me.  Throughout the years I have developed and learned to have a great respect and appreciation for these gifts.  I truly believe my purpose is to assist others like you on your journey, as we may help each other.  

Throughout the years I have been in positions of service, which include facilitating a support group for young moms, law enforcement, and a mentor for several juveniles and adult women in the court system. I feel my gifts are just another extension of how I can continue to be an uplifter for others.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology through Metro State College of Denver.

I am a lifetime learner of the creative arts.

I am self-taught in furniture refinishing, oil painting and acrylic painting.

To understand and develop my gifts further, I studied mediumship with Rev. Mary Torrey, an ordained Spiritual Minister and medium in Westminster, Colorado.

I earned my Usui Reiki Master Level Certification under Melodie Matice, Reiki Master Teacher and medium in Denver, Colorado.

I studied Spirit Art and the art of Auragraphs.

I facilitated both a mediumship practice circle for two years and Spirit Art mediumship practice circle for one year.  I continue to participate in workshops with local and international mediums to continue furthering my growth, knowledge and understanding intuition and connection with Spirit.  I also mentor students in Spiritual growth, intuition, and mediumship.

I love seeing other people succeeding!  Giving others encouragement and support gives me the greatest pleasure!

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